60 Mecaw Rd.,
Hampden, ME
(207) 942-4836

Annual Membership
After two visits, everyone must join the club.  Automated monthy payments can be set up for membership fees.

Adult:  $170/year
Couple:  $240/year
College and Juniors:
No Membership Fee

Open Time
Open time is for players interested in reserving a court for singles or doubles.  The rates vary depending upon the time of day and membership status.
Play doubles and split the
court cost 4 ways!

Adult Court Rates:
- Discount:  $38 per hour
- Regular:  $40 per hour
- Prime Time:  $42 per hour
Junior Court Rates:
- $20 per hour ($10 ea singles)

Ball Machine Rental:
- $30/hour (includes court time)

Contract Time
Looking for a regular time to play each week with your friends, family, or team?  Contract time offers guaranteed court availability at the lowest court rates.  A 14 week commitment is required, as well as advanced payment or automated monthly payments.  Our staff can help with creating singles or doubles schedules for groups large and small.  If you're looking for a group to play in, let us know.  We want to help you find a group that feels right.
Facility Hours
Regular Season
Sept 30 - May 31: 
(Pickleball & Tennis)
Mon - Fri:  8:00am-10:00pm
Sat and Sun 9am-9pm